Beat the Devil’s Tattoo


“You have forsaken
All the love you’ve taken
Sleepin’ on a razor
There’s nowhere left to fall
Your body’s aching
Every bone is breakin’
Nothin’ seems to shake it
It just keeps holdin’ on

Your soul is able
Death is all you cradle
Sleepin’ on the nails
There’s nowhere left to fall
You have admired
Every man desires
Everyone is king
When there’s no one left to pawn”

– Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

1st look : Coat – Reformation / Dress – Kymerah / Top – Twenty Tees

2nd look : Blazer – Vintage / Top – Reformation / Bra Top – T Bags / Pants – Helmut Lang

3rd look : Top & Dress – Reformation / Boots – Alexander Wang

I was very excited to shoot this story because layering has become quite the to do, so I was looking forward to putting my spin on it. There are so many ways you can play with this trend and in this weeks story I show it in three ways.

Photos By: Derek Despain

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