Funk #49


I sleep all day, out all night
I know where you’re goin’
I don’t think that’s a-actin’ right
You don’t think it’s showin’

A-jumpin’ up, fallin’ down
Don’t misunderstand me
You don’t think that I know your plan
What you tryin’ to hand me?

Out all night, sleep all day
I know what you’re doin’
If you’re gonna a-act that way
I think there’s trouble brewin'”

– Joe Walsh/James Gang

All clothing / Kelly Cole

My quintessential wardrobe must haves always include some strategically worn in vintage pieces. Kelly Cole curates a selection of one-of-a-kind vintage at their flagship store in Los Angeles that is out of this world! Finding those perfectly aged denim shorts, boyfriend jeans or your favorite rock band tee is now that much easier. No matter what trends come and go these must-haves will indefinitely be in my closet forever.

Photos by: Steven MeiersĀ 

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