Psychotic Girl


“I heard you threw your man around
Pick him up just to let him down
It’s a shame, baby, but I always knew
Just the way you’re gonna do, oh

Oh no
Just a psychotic girl
And I won’t get lost in your world

Friday night in the party lights
You were acting like everything was alright
Till later on with no one around
Had me fighting for air, laying on the ground, oh no

Oh no
Just a psychotic girl
And I won’t get lost in your world”

– Black Keys

Blazer – HM / Romper – Reformation / Shoes – T.U.K. / Rings – Luv AJ

Fall is slowly and I mean very slowly approaching LA and I am looking forward to finally begin layering! The oversized blazer is definitely a must and perfect statement piece to add to your wardrobe. With a top heavy piece like this it’s nice show as much leg as you can … Then top off the look with a nice chunky shoe, these creepers by T.U.K. They are perfect match for this look!

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