Rollover Dj


“Got your Rhymes going round in my head
Got your supersonic beats mixing up my Keds
“So dance little DJ come on
“What’s your name?

“I wanna move but I don’t feel right
Cause you’ve been playing other peoples songs all night
“So tell what you’re trying to say
What’s your name?

Hey Rollover DJ
You’re spinning away
On my time
Hey, who cares what you play
Say whatever you say, I don’t mind
Hey, roll over DJ, if you don’t mind

Well I know that you think you’re the star
A pill poppin’ jukebox is all that you are
So tell me it ain’t that way
What’s you’re name?”

– Jet

Sweatshirt – W Concept x Paul Richard / Skirt – Again

Photo’s By: Scott Leon

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