Sleep to Dream


“I tell you how I feel
But you don’t care
I say tell me the truth
But you don’t dare
You say love is a hell
You cannot bear
And I say gimme mine
Back and then go there
For all I care
I got my feet
On the ground
And I don’t go to
Sleep to dream
You got your head
In the clouds
And you’re not at
All what you seem
This mind, this body
And this voice cannot be
Stifled by your deviant ways
So don’t forget what I told you
Don’t come around
I got my own hell to raise”

– Fionna Apple

Bra & Panties – Noe Undergarments

What can I say…? I am a girl that loves pretty lingerie… When I received these beautiful pieces from Noe I was very excited to try them on right away. Every single piece is gorgeously made and the silky fabric fits like a dream. If you are someones that loves lingerie like myself, then definitely check them out…!

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