Time of the Season


It’s the time of the season
When love runs high
In this time, give it to me easy
And let me try with pleasured hands

(To take you in the sun to) Promised lands
(To show you every one)
It’s the time of the season for loving

What’s your name? (What’s your name?)
Who’s your daddy? (Who’s your daddy?)
(He rich) Is he rich like me?
Has he taken (Has he taken)
Any time (Any time)
(To show) To show you what you need to live?

(Tell it to me slowly) Tell you what
(I really want to know)
It’s the time of the season for loving”

– The Zombies

Mykono’s, Wow! This island blew us away right from the beginning… with all it’s beautiful beaches. My personal favorite was Agios Sostis, it’s a very small hidden little slice of heaven. The color of the water looks like a painting as it changes from a light green to a light blue. Above this beach is the most charming place to have lunch called Kiki’s Tavern.¬†While we waited (which was definitely¬†worth it) they had rose for is to help ourselves with. All of the food was so fresh and delicious, we wanted to come back for lunch everyday but there was to much for us to see. I highly recommend visiting Kiki’s if you are in Mykono’s you will be very happy! There is so much to say about this island from riding ATV’s around the island beach to beach, to dancing around at Jackie O’s and getting lost in the little town where all the shops are I have completely fell in love with the beauty and energy of Mykono’s….! I look forward to my next visit!


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