Blue Veins


“When I was surrounded by the world
You were the only one who came
And you were the only one astounded, which kept me grounded
As the other girls thrashed my very name

Then I looked over
Just in time to see her smiling back at me
And saying everything’s okay
As long as you’re inside my blue veins, your blue veins

Yeah, and the feeling that you gave me
No matter what I do or where I go
It always will remain and those who would enslave me
To get to me must get past you and will have no luck
‘Cause you’ll protect me from all pain, it’s true, they’ll have no luck”

– Raconteurs

Dress – Alexander Wang / Nail Polish – Essie Butler Please / Liner – MAC

The official color of summer is always blue. Every hue evokes the atmosphere of tranquil possibilities of an endless season from the ocean we play in to the sky we reach for. Blue is so complementary, that overdoing it is quite the challenge. Whether it is adding a flick of navy to your everyday cat eye or switching it up with an electric blue leather dress, it adds just enough edge and excitement rather than the typical neutral counterparts. So this summer dare to mix it up with everyone’s new favorite color.

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